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December 27, 2022

As the Country Braces for Cold, Arizona Is Just Starting to Heat Up

From the majestic red caverns of the Grand Canyon to the cacti-laden mountains of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona is an outdoors enthusiast’s dream. With its many trails, canyons, foothills, and picturesque vistas, there’s so much to see and explore. Over the years, the state has invested in making itself welcoming to adventurers. That has paid off. More than 40 million people visit the Grand Canyon State each year, with most stopping by in the colder months.

In fact, Arizona is one of the most winter-friendly vacation spots in the United States. Summers in Arizona can be brutal with temperatures regularly sitting above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In wintertime, however, the state comes alive. Residents spend more time outdoors and visitors flock to the many festivals, al fresco venues, and outdoor activities that make the state famous.

Things to do in Arizona

Grand Adventures in the Grand Canyon State

Starting around late October, the outdoor trails of Arizona begin to heat up. The state has made available a variety of off-roading areas dedicated to powersports enthusiasts looking for adventure. Visit Schnebly Hill Road on an autumn Saturday, and you’ll see a number of ATVs winding their way through 12 miles of red buttes and roaming wildlife.

More adventurous options are available too. The Backway to Crown King offers an amazing ride through old mines and rugged terrain with a 4X4. Dirt bikers would have a field day (literally) at Cinder Hills OHV Area, where miles of paths cross through ponderosa pines and volcanic craters. If you’re craving a day on the water, Lake Havasu State Park offers a literal beach oasis in the middle of the desert. Bring your own boat or plan to rent a jet ski for hours of fun in the sun on the expansive lake. 

From sandy deserts and lakes to rocky mountains and canyons, you’ll find something worth riding in every corner of the state. Check out this full list of the best off-roading trails in Arizona for more inspiration.

Arizona ATV adventures

Powersports Rental Options in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, know that many people are jealous of your good fortune. If you haven’t tried outdoor powersports activities yet, now is the best time to get in on the action. You’ve likely spent all summer sitting inside with the AC on full blast. With winter approaching, now’s the best time to get out and explore.

Whether you’re interested in renting a dirt bike, ATV, UTV, or jet ski, rental options abound around the state. You’re find rental outlets near most major recreation areas. Just be sure to plan ahead in case availability is limited.

Try outdoor powersports activities in Arizona

Arizona Powersports Rentals Made Easy With DayTrail

Another popular rental option with many Arizonans is peer-to-peer marketplaces. DayTrail, for example, connects local Arizonans who own powersports vehicles with individuals looking to rent just by the hour or day. Simply choose the vehicle that you’re most interested in, and pick it up from a Grand Canyon State neighbor closest to your home or wherever you’re looking to ride. If you’re new to this type of outdoor adventure, this list of off-roading trails is a great place to start planning the best spots near you.

If you live in Arizona and already own an ATV, RV, UTV, or other rec vehicle, don’t let it sit idle, especially in the peak winter period. Neighbors and visitors would be happy to rent it from you to embark on their own adventures in your home state. This post offers more information on how you can use DayTrail to turn your garage ornament into a side hustle. Listing on the DayTrail rental marketplace can also be a great way to upgrade your outdoor equipment without going broke.

Rent a ride with DayTrail

Use DayTrail to rent (or list) dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, or other recreational vehicles in Arizona today!


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