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November 10, 2022

DayTrail Owner of the Month: Callan

Owner of the Month - Callan Wenger-Johnson

Callan Wenger-Johnson has been dirt biking for only a short while, however, he has been an avid outdoorsman almost his whole life. He grew up in Sacramento, California where he developed a passion for skiing, boating, and mountain biking. Callan moved to Boise, Idaho in 2017 where he attended college at BSU and fell in love with the Idaho trails. Since moving to Boise, Callan has taken up fishing and recreational vehicles. He purchased a dirt bike earlier this year and soon after discovered DayTrail. We had the opportunity to chat with him about his experience…

Callan Wenger-Johnson, an outdoor enthusiast

1. What brought you to DayTrail?
The ease and access of wanting to rent something without having to worry about everything else.

2. What was your experience with renting prior to DayTrail?
I hadn’t done any renting prior to DT, so it was a good first experience.

3. What do you like most about the DT concept or DT in general?
Eventually I’d like to be able to go to California, Utah, Arizona and finding something to do. Whether it’s kayaking or dirt biking or renting a surfboard whatever it may be.

4. Why did you choose DT over another service?
DT handled the insurance and onboarding of the renters. All I really had to do was fill out two forms and it was super easy. 

Callan chose DayTrail because it has insurance and protection, and was super easy to use

5. If you were to recommend DT to your best friend, what would you tell them?
I would tell them to go on, look for something that seems fun, and message the owners of the equipment. They’re more likely to tell you everything you need to know and give you some good spots to go to as well.

6. Can you talk about a rental experience that you’ve had with DT?
Yea a couple weeks ago I had someone rent out a dirt bike for his wife. She was just getting into motorized bike riding, she’d only done downhill biking before. So it was a good step for her to get into the motorized world without having to buy.

7. So, you don’t have to be an expert to rent with DT?
No not at all. The people who you’re going to rent from have a wide knowledge of their equipment and they’ll give you updates. So as long as you ask questions about your rental, it’s common sense. It’s a really good start for a beginner. 

8. What do you like most about DT?
Someone else being able to have fun, it’s so worth it. It’s fun hearing stories when people come back from their trips.

DayTrail is a worth it outdoor equipment rental platform

Callan has his 2022 Sur Ron dirt bike listed here. You can also see it featured on our instagram.

Rent 2022 Sur-Ron Electric Dike Bike on DayTrail

We love having people like Callan listing with DayTrail. To learn more about how you can list and earn like Callan, visit our resources page.


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