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We recommend booking 48 hours in advance so the owner has time to make accommodations. When booking for next day availability, be aware that some owners may not have enough time to see and accept your request. 

It’s easy! Select the vehicle type you are interested in, choose the available dates that work for you, and click Book. You will be notified when your booking request has been approved.

For the safety of our community, we require all members to complete ID verification. This service is provided by iDenfy, a trusted ID verification provider used by 500+ companies including Upstack, Bank of Lithuania, betsafe, and more. Please visit our third-party verification site for more information on how the verification process works:

  • Sign Up
  • Complete your profile
  • Pass Verification
  • Clean & Service your ride so it’s ready to rumble

Create an account, upload a picture (or three) of your recreational vehicle, tell us how much fun your ride is, and get your vehicle approved. It’s that easy!

Certainly! List as many of your recreational vehicles as your adventurous heart desires.

Paying and communicating through DayTraill helps ensure that you are protected under our Terms and Conditions, cancellation and refund policies, insurance program, and other safeguards. It also makes it easier for us to protect your information and reduce your risk of fraud and other security issues. 

Never pay for your reservation outside of DayTrail. If you suspect someone is sending you fake links to DayTrail – report it to

DayTrail has partnered with a leading insurance company to offer protection for our peer-to-peer rentals. Please refer to our Terms of Service for a detailed description of the insurance coverage and policy offered by DayTrail.

All deductible information can be found by visiting Section 9 of our Terms of Service.

We recommend considering factors such as the value of the equipment being rented and the potential costs associated with damages or losses. While a higher security deposit may provide greater reassurance, it’s important to find a balance that encourages renters while safeguarding the owner’s interests.

Many banks do not process transactions on weekends or holidays. Your payout will be processed the following business day. If you have any questions about processing time after a completed payout, contact your payment processor directly.

If the renter does not return the rental to the owner at the agreed-upon time, they will be charged late fees. The late fee will increase by a percentage of the daily rate every two-hour period that the vehicle is late, until it reaches the full daily rate. In addition to the late fee, any additional overage fees will also be charged. If the late return interferes with another scheduled rental, a fee equal to the daily rate plus $100 will be added to the total cost.

0-2 hours late = 25% of rental
2-4 hours late = 50% of rental
4+ hours = 100% rental

A wear item refers to a product or component that gradually deteriorates or gets used up over time due to regular usage or exposure to wear and tear. These items are expected to require periodic replacement as part of normal maintenance or usage. The owner is responsible for checking them before and after the rental. The owner will record any replacements in the Pre-trip form with a mutually agreed price. If wear items aren’t documented, neither DayTrail nor the Renter will replace them. See our Terms of Service for information on vehicle maintenance. 

The cancellation policy for rentals on DayTrail is as follows:


  • When a renter makes a reservation and cancels before 48 hours of their rental date, the renter will receive a refund of their booking total minus the nonrefundable service fee of 2.9% + $ 0.30.


  • If a renter cancels a reservation less than 48 hours from the rental date, they will receive 75% of their booking total minus the nonrefundable service fee of 2.9% + $ 0.30.

For Owners

DayTrail is here to make your adventure both safe and smooth – but we understand that every now and then you may encounter some dings and dents. Filing a claim may be necessary in some instances, and we want to assure you that our claims process is both easy and effective.


  • Step 1: File Your Claim

You can file a claim by contacting DayTrail at You will be connected with a representative ready to assist you.

Be sure you have all of your required documents, including the invoice number relating to the rental, ready as you will be asked to provide: 

    • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection forms of the applicable vehicle
    • Pre-trip and post-trip photos of the applicable vehicle
    • Your most recent 90-day inspection document of the applicable vehicle
  • Step 2: Gather Additional Information

Be prepared to gather additional information pertinent to your claim so that our team can help process your claim efficiently. Examples of this information includes:

    • A statement from your renter
    • Proof of ownership (e.g., registration, title)
    • Any other evidence that is relevant
  • Step 3: The Estimate
  • Step 4: Confirming Coverage
  • Step 5: Payment
  • Step 6: Repair
  • Step 7: Follow Up

All insurance information regarding each vehicle type can be found in section 9 of our Terms of Service.

Your insurance provides coverage for your vehicle up to its actual cash value. This means that if your rental vehicle is deemed a total loss, the coverage will extend to the value of other vehicles of the same make, model, and year, equipped with comparable stock options. If your vehicle holds a value of $20,000 and several similar vehicles are available on the market at this price point, the insurance will reimburse you up to this value minus the deductible.

It’s important to note that if you initially purchased the vehicle for $30,000 but opted for additional coverage such as maintenance, transportation, and similar services, these enhancements do not raise the actual cash value of the vehicle. In such cases, your coverage will be limited to the true actual cash value of the vehicle, which might be considerably lower than the amount you initially paid.

The insurance policy exclusively applies to incidents occurring while the vehicle is in motion under its own power. Towing and recovery situations, which do not fall within this category, necessitate the responsibility of the renter for vehicle retrieval. The insurance coverage remains applicable solely for damages sustained by the vehicle during its operation.

When you file a claim, please make sure to have all of the required documents or we will not be able to accept your claim.


Required documents:


  • Pre-trip inspection form and photos
  • Post-trip inspection form and photos
  • Your most recent 90-day inspection form for related vehicle
  • A statement from your renter
  • Proof of ownership (e.g., registration, title)
  • Any other evidence or documentation that is relevant

This is a discount that you can give to say thanks to the renters that are booking in advance, so you can plan ahead and know that extra income is on the horizon!

You have 24 hours to file a claim once your vehicle has been returned to you.

Stripe and PayPal will be used to process ACH and PayPal payments. Payouts will be released within 3-5 business days following a successful rental provided no claims have been filed. The typical processing time for each payout method is:

ACH deposit: Up to 7 business days after the release of the payment

PayPal: Within 1 business day after the release of the payment

Note: To get paid for renting your vehicle or to check your payout status, make sure you set up a payout method. 

  • Confirm a pick up / drop off location and arrive on time.
  • Review all operational instructions necessary to safely operate the vehicle. 
  • Each party shall complete and sign the Pre-Trip Inspection Form.
  • Each party shall complete the Post-Trip Inspection Form.
  • Handshake or fist bump!

All you need to do is follow these three steps to make sure your ride is rent ready:

  1. Any damages that you are claiming in no way impact the safety of your vehicle while in operation.
  2. Ensure there won’t be more damage as a result of further operation.
  3. Talk with your next renter. Send them photos of the vehicle and the damage to make sure they are okay proceeding with the booking before canceling or declining the trip.

If, for any reason, you do need to cancel the booking due to safety reasons or a renter does not want to proceed with the booking, please contact our support team at

Take pictures of each side of the vehicle, both inside and outside (if applicable), and include any dings or scratches that are present before a ride so that Pre-Trip and Post-Trip photos can be accurately compared.

Great! Your next step is to review the booking request details in My Bookings. Review the renters profile, the booking details, and choose to accept or reject the request. 

Our pre-arrival checklist is a great resource to prepare for all rentals.

A security deposit is a partial, or full, hold of a vehicles deductible that a renter is responsible for in the event there are any damages during a rental booking. The security deposit will be refunded in-full to the renter after the vehicle is returned in its original condition, claim free. Renters will see their security deposit back in their account within 3-5 business days. If a claim is filed or a rental vehicle is not returned, the renter will be responsible for the damages incurred up to the vehicle deductible.

  • Which renter(s) will be operating your vehicle?
    • Check their ID’s and run them through operational and safety rules
  • What is their level of experience with operating that type of vehicle? 
    • Train them no matter their experience level.
  •  Ask if they have any questions for you
    • The more knowledge everyone has, the better the experience.

Just be you. Having a clean and well maintained vehicle ready for renters makes for a great experience. Giving them a few tips and tricks to help get their adventure going doesn’t hurt either!

We use a third-party service, an industry leader in verification services, to review each and every renter before they can request a booking or operate your vehicle. Any additional drivers on a booking request must be listed by the primary renter and are required to sign up for DayTrail to pass verification and agree to our Terms of Service prior to renting your vehicle.

Check out their DayTrail profile to learn more about them, look through past reviews from other DayTrail owners who have rented to them, or message them within DayTrail to get more information before you accept their booking request.

You will be required to upload a photo of your recreational vehicle during the listing process. Simply use the ‘Select Media’ button when you are prompted to and upload your photos from there.

Different pick up and drop off locations are permitted if agreed upon by both parties (the owner and the renter). The details of the pick up and drop off must be clearly understood and confirmed within the DayTrail chat, between both parties, so that it can be referenced at any point.

The Property ID is the unique identifier for each vehicle that is listed on our site. The Property ID is located in a Listings details, under Equipment Details.

The Booking ID is created when you submit a request for a rental. While your rental is being reviewed, the listing will display a booking ID number before the name of the vehicle.

The Invoice Number will be generated once an owner accepts a rental request. You can find the invoice number by navigating to Bookings, as an owner, or Reservations, as a renter.

Before the rental period begins, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Check that all belts are in working order, tires are properly inflated, and all fluids are filled.

During the key exchange, please fill out the pre-trip form in detail and log the vehicle’s condition. If any extra parts or items are included in the rental, please indicate this in this form and specify if there will be a charge per item. This will help ensure that both the Owner and Renter understand the vehicle’s condition and any additional items included in the rental.


For Renters

Your security deposit is returned once you and the owner complete the checkout process and there are no claims filed, or currently pending.

If an owner cancels the recreational vehicle you booked, but you would still like to rent a vehicle and keep your plans set, contact customer support and we will work with you to find a replacement booking.

Contact and we will make sure you get the help that you are looking for! 

Take pictures of every side of the vehicle, inside and out (if applicable)! Be sure to take photos of any dents, dings, scratches or other blemishes that need to be documented so there aren’t any surprises when comparing before and after photos.

If you would like to extend your reservation you must contact the owner. Depending on the owner and their vehicle, there may be a fee for an extended reservation request.

If you would like to cancel your reservation, you can go to your My Reservation tab and cancel. Please review our cancellation and refund policy to understand any charges you may or may not incur due to the cancellation.

Owner’s permit the total number of drivers for their vehicles. Only those that have signed up and been approved through our third-party verification process are permitted to operate any vehicle rentals.

Owners are responsible for their vehicles maintenance and are required to provide DayTrail with a vehicle inspection form every 90-days for quality assurance. Owner’s must have a valid and current drivers license.

All you have to do is complete the Additional Driver form that you receive in your Booking Pending email and forward that email to the other drivers. They must go through the sign-up and verification process for DayTrail on their own. After this, you are all good to go!

This is up to the owner’s discretion, please contact the vehicle owner through DayTrail to discuss delivery services.

This is dependent on what type of vehicle you are renting, and your adventure aspirations. Please check with the vehicle owner through DayTrail to determine trailer requirements or pick up / drop off requirements.

You’re in luck. We offer a selection of trailers on DayTrail available for rent. Be sure to check them out!

Vehicle rentals come with any safety equipment that is required for operating the vehicle, however any additional, or extra gear, is not included unless the owner specifies. Please contact the owner directly for any inquiries about additional gear pertaining to their vehicle rental.

Every owner has their own fuel policy for their vehicles. You can refer to their listing details to check the fuel policy.

During the key exchange, take the time to fill out the pre-trip form in detail and log the vehicle’s condition. If there are any extra parts or items included in the rental, note this in the form and specify if there will be a charge per item. This will ensure that both you and the Owner have a clear understanding of the condition of the vehicle and any additional items included in the rental, making for a more transparent and hassle-free rental experience.

There are a few areas that have been restricted by our insurance company and therefore are not covered by DayTrail. Those areas are Glamis Dunes, Imperial Dunes, Algodones Dunes, and Oceano Dunes. Please note that if you take your rental to these locations, there will be no insurance coverage and you will be liable for the entirety of the repair costs.