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February 13, 2023

How to Increase Rentals in The Off Season

If you have off road vehicles you do not use all the time, it is possible to make money by renting them out all year round. Can you only find people interested in the best weather and the warmest temperatures? If you own a dirt bike, ATV, and UTV, DayTrail gives you the opportunity to attract and manage off season rentals, too. Maintaining rental demand is a challenge. With the right marketing and offers, you can keep rental numbers high and the money rolling in.

Tips on how to increase outdoor equipment rentals in the off seasonPromoting Your Vehicles

Effective marketing involves two basic steps: identify your target market and get the right offer in front of them. The best way to do this is to look at the type of people who rented your vehicle in the past. Do you rent more to families looking for weekend adventure or die-hard explorers hitting the back country? Also determine what activities and destinations appeal to them the most.

While DayTrail has plenty of effective marketing in place, you can help by posting on social media in your area. Post ads on Craigslist. Let people know you offer your vehicle for rent in local groups. Stay in contact with riding clubs or event organizers. Keep the conversation about new gear, favorite places to ride, and different activity options going in the offseason. Present fair-weather vehicle renters with intriguing possibilities. 

Maximizing the flexibility of rental terms in renting out an off road vehicle

Maximize the Flexibility of Rental Terms

Outdoor adventurers love flexibility and are always looking for some extra reason to hit the trails at their favorite offroad destination. In the off season, keep things as loose as possible when it comes to making ATV rentals easy. Some options include:

  • Offer shorter rental periods with special discount rates
  • Provide more local vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Include transport direct to the trail so the renter doesn’t have to come to your house
  • Offer one-way rentals so more people have a chance to ride

As long as you don’t mind the drive, offering more transport or pick-up options with your truck and trailer is a great way to encourage rentals. When people have to decide between your vehicle and someone else’s these perks will tip the scales in your favor.

DayTrail is the best peer-to-peer outdoor equipment rental marketplace

Keep Your Vehicles in Top Condition for All Seasons

No one will rent a UTV, dirt bike, or ATV from you twice if you do not have a functional, reliable, and clean vehicle for them to ride. Maintain it on a regular basis, and always fix any issues the moment they come to light. Change the oil and other fluids, make sure the battery holds a charge perfectly, inflate the tires to an appropriate level for the temperature and conditions, and give a thorough inspection with every ride. When getting ready for off season rentals specifically, it makes sense to offer something more than expected, too. Consider offering a helmet and gloves for protection and comfort with every rental. 

While using all the marketing and organizational benefits of DayTrail makes renting out your offroad vehicle easier all year round, you might need to offer extra attention in the off season. Go above and beyond to entice riders and think of proactive ways to keep interest high. Besides well-maintained ATVs and UTVs, flexible terms, and special offers make you stand out as the one to rent from in your region.

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