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February 24, 2022

How to Make $3,000 in 3 Months Using DayTrail

If you love outdoor toys, you know better than anyone just how expensive it can be to rent one. Renting an ATV could set you back $250 for 4hrs of fun, and a snowmobile can cost you upwards of $400 or more for the day, depending on the model. In fact, the price of renting is likely what led you to buy your own recreational vehicle in the first place. 

As fun as these toys are, the upkeep and insurance can be pricey. This can, unfortunately, put a dampener on the fun, especially if you never seem to have the time to use your outdoor toys.

If you’d like to see your dirt bike, ATV, RV, or other recreational equipment get more use while earning you some extra cash, consider renting it out on DayTrail.

What is DayTrail?

DayTrail is a website that connects responsible people who want to rent recreational equipment with people, like you, who don’t have enough time to enjoy their toys every weekend. From RV’s and boats to dirt bikes and snowmobiles, DayTrail helps you earn extra cash when you’re not using your toys.

What are the Benefits of Renting Out My Recreational Ride?

There are a number of benefits to renting out your ride on DayTrail. For starters, you can earn some extra cash. But there are other reasons as well:

  • You can help offset the cost of owning your ride, including your lease payments, insurance, and maintenance costs.
  • You can ensure that your unit is always getting used, which will help keep it in better condition for when you do have time to use it.
  • You can meet new people and make some great connections while sharing your recreational experiences.
  • It can help you cover the cost of upgrading to an even newer model.

How To Get Started

If you’re interested in renting out your recreational ride or equipment, it’s easy to get started on DayTrail.

Create Your Profile

Just visit our website, sign up, and create a profile. You’ll be asked to fill out some basic information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • About me section (short introduction)
  • Your location
  • The languages you speak
  • Your payout information

Once your profile is complete, prepare to create your first listing.

Check Rental Rates in Your Area

It’s a best practice to research the rental rates in your area before you set your price. This will give you an idea of what the demand is like and how much people are willing to pay. We recommend keeping your rate competitive for renters, so you get more bookings.

Tune Up Your Equipment

Before you rent out your recreational ride or equipment, DayTrail requires documentation of routine maintenance to ensure it’s in good working order. This can help prevent your equipment from unexpectedly breaking down, providing a safe and positive experience for the renter. If your recreational vehicle could use a tune-up, schedule a service with a mobile servicing company in the area by visiting our Resources page.

Take Photos of Your Listing

The photos you include in your rental listing are the first thing your renters will see. You’ll want to make sure that they’re high-quality, taken in optimal lighting, and show off your gear from all angles so your prospects can get a good sense of what they’re renting. If you rent out a snowmobile, for example, take some shots against a backdrop of fresh powder for an extra dose of appeal.

Create a Detailed Description

Your renters will want to know as much about your ride as possible before they rent it from you. Be sure to provide a detailed description of the make and model, what type of terrain it can handle, how old it is, its condition, and the experience level required to operate it.

Start Renting to Qualified Renters

DayTrail ensures that all of our renters are qualified and responsible. This means you can rent with confidence, knowing that your gear is in good hands and covered by insurance.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Your earnings on DayTrail will depend on a few factors, including the type of equipment you rent, the demand in your area, and how often your vehicle is available.

Generally speaking, you can expect to make upwards of $1000 per month or more if you were to rent out your gear just 8 days a month for $150 per day. If you’re only available to rent it out every other weekend or 1 day per weekend, that’s a total of 4 days a month where you could still take home over $500.

These prices assume a $150 rental rate per day, but depending on your gear, you could be looking at rates of $400 per day or more. This is why it’s so important to do the research for rentals in your area so you can stay competitive while making a significant profit.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a way to offset the cost of owning your recreational vehicles and powersport equipment, or to save up for the latest and greatest upgrade, renting it out on DayTrail is an excellent option. With competitive rental rates and strong demand for quality recreation equipment, you can easily make $3000 in 3 months! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start renting out your powersport unit today!

See how UTV owner Logan is making easy passive income with his rental on DayTrail!


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