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July 7, 2022

How to Turn Your Garage Ornament into a Side Hustle

Picture this: A few years ago with big plans to travel, you found yourself purchasing an RV. Or perhaps you’re more partial to the water and purchase a jet ski or even a boat. They’ll be useful, you assure yourself, definitely a worthwhile investment.

Fast forward to now; your once trustworthy companions are now dusty, hidden in your garage. Perhaps life got in the way. Maybe you’re not as into traveling as you once were.

What if I told you that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing? What if I told you it was a worthwhile investment, and now you can use it to generate a passive income? What if I told you that whatever garage equipment you have lying around, no longer in use, could become your next side hustle?

Curious? Well, look no further; DayTrail has got your back.

Do Not Let Your Vehicle Sit Idle- Use DayTrail for Passive Income

Did you know not using your vehicle for extended periods may be damaging?

Vehicles have moving parts that are meant to be operated regularly. When left idle for long periods, fluids may start to leak, leading to the inevitable breakdown of your engine. Radiators often suffer from a reduction in cooling, and mechanical parts overheat.

As a result, if you ever start a vehicle after an extended time, you’ll often find the controls rusty and uncomfortable. 

With this in mind, it may seem tempting to plan to sell your vehicle. After all, the more years it sits idle, the more it depreciates. But if you’re someone who plans to sell their garage ornament any time soon, you might not make as much money from it as you intend to. Instead, you’d make more money from an easy side hustle. 

Why let your vehicle stay idle and take up space when you can make money passively?

What Exactly is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that is obtained automatically, with minimal time, money, and labor. With the right opportunity and assets, a side hustle might be the very thing to help you attain your financial goals. 

You might be saving earnings for a retirement fund. Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to buy for a while but haven’t saved enough for. Maybe you want to go on a vacation soon. Perhaps you just want to buy more garage equipment. 

Whatever your plan is, passive income is an excellent way to hit your goals.

Why DayTrail

Use DayTrail to make your garage ornament work for you. Rent out your vehicle and earn a passive income without the hassle of planning, monitoring, any initial capital, and additional resources.

With DayTrail, you earn revenue without selling your equipment, and avoid idle depreciation. You retain ownership of your existing garage equipment while it pays for itself.

DayTrail lets you view and manage all upcoming requests, so you have complete control over who rents your vehicle and who doesn’t. In addition to this, each trip includes a thorough inspection and insurance protection. DayTrail prioritizes the property and safety of both owners and renters.

Not sure how much you’ll earn? Hop over to our owners page, and we’ll do the calculations for you. 

What Do I Do Now?

Now that you know leaving your garage equipment to collect dust isn’t a great idea, and that you can use it as an asset to generate passive income, isn’t the thought of making your equipment work for you exciting?

Treat your passion for recreational vehicles as an opportunity. Don’t miss out! Get started today.

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