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July 20, 2022

How to Upgrade Outdoor Equipment Without Going Broke

Isn’t it upsetting to see new models of your favorite brands constantly being released while you have the old ones? Not everyone can upgrade outdoor equipment overnight. It requires a lot of time and money, leaving you thinking, “If only there were a way to use the old equipment while preparing for the new ones!”

Fortunately, DayTrail has your back. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about upgrading outdoor equipment.

Why Upgrade Your Equipment?

Before getting into the how, let’s discuss the why!


The outdoor equipment industry is constantly transforming and adapting to new consumer demands. Many powersports owners are obsessed with the new makes and models of their favorite brands, and for good reason. 

Outdoor equipment brands (especially those with rideable equipment) take consumer demands especially seriously. If a particular model has a major flaw, they are quick to address it and release a new version that’s bigger and better. 

Over time, this creates a wide gap between the model you may have and the ones they are releasing. Instead of enduring the inconvenience of that model’s flaws, it’s natural to want to upgrade and do away with them altogether. 


As it turns out, upgrading your outdoor equipment isn’t just necessary— it can also be fruitful in multiple ways!

  • It helps you be more productive by avoiding delays and workflow hindrances due to failures
  • Helps avoid accidents. Did you know that about 10 percent of the accidents are caused by equipment inadequacy?
  • Investment! The latest equipment is going to be of more value and will pay off eventually.
  • Enhancements! Upgrading outdoor equipment definitely comes with new features and advantages.

How to Get Started With Upgrading Your Outdoor Equipment

Time to get into the procedure!

Know When You Need to Upgrade

The first step of the process is determining whether you actually need the upgrade. You can do this by keeping track of several factors. It’s essential to assess your equipment correctly and make a well-informed decision. Getting new equipment without thinking it through can make you go broke. Ask yourself these questions regarding your equipment:

  • Is your ride dysfunctional? If it’s not working, you definitely need an upgrade.
  • Is the cost of maintenance more than what you’re getting out of your equipment? An upgrade can cost more but it’s a one-time fee compared to constant repairs. 
  • Has the item’s brand outgrown the model you have? Keeping up with the market is crucial, especially if new models address old flaws. 
  • Do good mechanics recommend an upgrade? Expert opinions are important too!

Choose the Right Equipment

Sticker shock is no joke, especially when it comes to upgrading old equipment. It can leave you racking your brain trying to figure out ways to make your money back! The return on investment (ROI) of a retrofit or replacement improvement might also significantly influence your selection. 

ROI will assist in offsetting your financial losses. Estimate the overall cost of ownership to begin assessing ROI since it is critical to include all expenditures, installation and running costs, and servicing needs while considering alternatives.

The final steps include researching the market value of the desired equipment. The more needed it is, the more critical it is to own it. There are a few credible sources that can help you figure that out.

Why DayTrail?

What’s better than renting out your old equipment while getting a newer one according to your budget? DayTrail rentals cover it all up. It offers rental and purchases opportunities for multiple equipment; even UTV owners can upgrade without going broke!

Final Thoughts

There are reasons why so many people these days are committing to upgrading outdoor equipment. Always owning the latest gear and equipment is an obsession for many adventure equipment owners. Now that you know about it and how to do it, you’re finally well equipped to modify your gears! 

Places like DayTrail can not only help you with getting upgrades but also in renting out your older ones. Explore DayTrail today to see how we can help make you money! 


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