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June 24, 2022

Is DayTrail Safe? Sell or Purchase Outdoor Equipment Rentals With Confidence

In today’s world, trust can be hard to come by, yet it’s still a necessary component for numerous transactions that happen each day. And when it comes to outdoor equipment rentals, that necessity for trust is no different. 

Imagine renting your expensive ski boat out to someone you don’t know and later finding the ID they used was fake. Or spending your hard-earned money on ATV rentals for a fun day at the dunes, only to have it die after a few minutes of use.

If only we had a sixth sense that let us know when someone uses a fake identity or is lying about the last time their ATV battery was replaced. Even if some of us are great at detecting fishy situations, it would be downright exhausting to carry that level of critical thinking into every interaction. 

When you use a service like DayTrail, all of the systems, structures, and credentials you need to build trust are in one place.


How DayTrail is Building Trust Between Owners and Renters

So, how is DayTrail safe? What measures are in place to protect you and ensure a great experience? 

  • Owners and renters are both required to verify their identities before they are allowed to post on DayTrail’s platform. Once verified, users can communicate directly on our site, keeping all listings and messages secure and in one place.
  • Quickly get a sense of someone by browsing through their reviews. DayTrail’s user review system allows renters and owners to rate each other and the outdoor equipment post-trip.
  • Prior to renting, all vehicles must be registered and inspected, protecting both the renter and the owner and keeping quality standards high.

  • Renters and owners can feel at ease knowing they’re protected by a comprehensive policy offered by an industry-leading insurance agency. We cover vehicle damage as well as personal injury.
  • A pre-trip inspection form is signed by both the owner and renter before any outdoor equipment rentals are handed over. When the renter returns, both must sign a post-trip form as well.
  • All payment is made through DayTrail securely so that users can avoid scams; you will never be asked to wire money or pay an owner directly. And as an owner, you’ll never have to go back and forth with a renter about payment.

The best part of it all? We provide full customer support throughout every step of your DayTrail Journey! You’ll always have a neutral third party to go to if questions, concerns, or odd situations arise. Our goal is to put you at ease so that you can get back to the fun stuff.

And although we’re glad to be deemed trustworthy by thousands of users around the western U.S., we take even more pride in creating an atmosphere where owners and renters can build trust in one another. The DayTrail platform is here to foster safety, support, and connection from one adventurer to another, all while having fun with some fantastic recreational vehicles.

So what are you waiting for? Your next adventure is waiting. Get started with DayTrail rentals today!


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