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Our Story

Born in Boise, Idaho, and now operating in Arizona & Utah, DayTrail was created to bring together the world of recreational vehicle owners and renters. While talking with friends and family we were constantly hearing of recreational vehicle owners whose vehicles sat unused for weeks at a time, with monthly payments, storage, and all the negatives that come along with having a vehicle sit unused. On the other hand, we had friends and family who were always in need of an extra ATV for a trip or wanted to rent a boat or snowmobile, and either couldn’t find one, the vehicle was too far from where they lived or it was too expensive. One common concern from both owners and renters was how to make sure that there was protection in place for both parties. DayTrail has worked with insurance companies to make sure both the owner and renter are covered for damage or liability, and that all vehicles are returned in the condition that they left the owner. Renters can have peace of mind knowing that if something unforeseen happens, they’re covered. With some of the underlying concerns resolved, the DayTrail team came together to create an easy-to-use platform that matches the right owners with the right renters. Like all P2P rental platforms we knew we had to make a system that owners would feel confident in posting their vehicles to rent, and renters would know that they were getting great vehicles ready to ride. Making their next adventure a blast, time, and time again.

Alas…we give you DayTrail.