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Matt Yockey

St. Charles IL

“Welcome to my world of adventure! I’m Matt, an avid snowmobiler, motorcross rider, side by side enthusiast, motorcycle lover, and boating aficionado. As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, I have dedicated my life to exploring the thrilling landscapes and waterways that our beautiful planet has to offer. When I’m not conquering snowy trails or backcountry on my snowmobile or tearing up the dirt tracks on my motorcross bike or side by side, you can find me cruising the open roads on my motorcycle or enjoying the serenity of the water on my boat. These exhilarating activities have become an integral part of my life, allowing me to experience the freedom and excitement that only nature can provide. Beyond my love for adventure, I am also a devoted husband and a proud father of three. My family is my anchor, and I believe that sharing these incredible experiences with loved ones creates lasting memories and strengthens the bond between us.

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