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April 12, 2022

Should You Rent or Buy?

When it comes to exploring the outdoors, having the right equipment is half the fun. Yet, as fun as it is to ride into the wilderness and follow the forest trails to uncharted territory with an ATV, dirt bike, or another outdoor toy, owning outdoor recreational equipment can require a lot of effort and expense. So the question is, should you rent or buy? This article takes a look at the pros and cons of renting versus buying and provides the information you need to determine what the best move is for you.

Owning recreation vehicles can get expensive!

Right off the bat, one of the biggest concerns is the expense of buying and owning outdoor recreational equipment. In 2019, the average cost of a new ATV was around $7,000 and a pre-owned one could cost around $5,000. If you want to go for the more powerful vehicles, it can cost you north of $15,000 depending on engine size and extra features. For UTVs, prices can jump even higher — anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000, averaging out at $15,000. Add to that the added costs of insurance, registration, maintenance, and proper gear and it’s easy to see how quickly the costs can snowball. Each one of these added costs can set you back an additional hundred dollars or more. So, buying outdoor recreational equipment requires you to do a little bit of budgeting and planning to make sure you can afford the initial purchase and its affiliated costs.

Renting these vehicles isn’t cheap either. At an hourly rate commonly starting at $100, the cost of an afternoon’s off-road adventure can quickly become pricey. If you go for the ones with multiple seating, costs rise to about $300 per hour. You also need to note that these prices depend on the types of models the rental place has or how new their equipment is. Rental places often have limited selections of recreational outdoor equipment. You might not get the right one for you, and getting the right ride for your adventure is important to get the most out of the experience. 

When it comes to renting or owning, consider this: how often will you go riding, and are you making the most of what you’re buying? That may help you decide to rent instead.

questions to ask yourself before buying

How often will you go riding?

Realistically, how often do you see yourself using the equipment? Aside from the weekend road trips and family outings, do you see yourself making use of the equipment in other ways? 

It might surprise you to learn there is a multitude of uses for outdoor recreational equipment, such as ATVs, with the purchase of the right accessories. They might be called “all-terrain vehicles” but they can be invaluable around the house, garden, or farm. These are pretty powerful outdoor vehicles after all, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with how much use you can get out of them.

Are you ready to commit or do you want to explore other options?

At the end of the day, buying recreational outdoor equipment is completely up to you! Just take some time to decide by considering all factors. To help you out, DayTrail is here and can show you how to make either decision work for you.

If you decide to buy, you can offset the cost by listing your equipment and toys for rent on the DayTrail online platform. With DayTrail, you can connect with people near you who are powersports enthusiasts looking for outdoor equipment rentals. It’s a great way to share your love of the outdoors and earn some extra income on the side! This way, when you’re not using your outdoor equipment, it doesn’t sit and gather dust in your garage. 

whether you rent or buy, daytrail can help you

Furthermore, if you decide you would prefer to rent, DayTrail provides the search platform to help you find exactly what you are looking for, in your area. If you’re the type to enjoy the outdoors every few months on vacation or don’t have space for outdoor recreational equipment, it doesn’t make sense for you to make a purchase. On DayTrail, you can check out our list of equipment for rent and make a reservation with affordable rental rates! And who knows, maybe down the road you’ll decide you do want to buy and, having tried all kinds of equipment, you can make a better, more informed decision on what model or type of outdoor toy is perfect for you…a win-win situation. Visit DayTrail today, and join the community of outdoor enthusiasts.

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