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August 17, 2022

Start A Side Hustle From Home With DayTrail

Do you have garage equipment just lying and collecting dust at home? Have you thought about selling it? Has the fact that it’s depreciating been stressing you out? You’ll earn some revenue by selling it, but maybe not as much as you want. But what else is there to do?

What if I told you that you don’t have to sell your garage ornaments to make money off of them? Treat your vacationing gear as an investment opportunity; initiate this easy side hustle, and watch it earn money with little to no effort on DayTrail.

Side Hustle From Home

DayTrail allows you to rent out your equipment and earn an income without the hassle of planning and monitoring. Where most passive income opportunities require an initial investment, DayTrail has zero upfront costs for equipment owners. 

With DayTrail, you can make sure that your recreational vehicles are making you money without taking up space and without you having to ride them! You neither have to sell your equipment nor give up ownership. With the ability to view and manage all upcoming requests, you have complete control over who rents your vehicle and who doesn’t.

How Much Can I Make?

Using existing garage equipment to generate revenue sounds too good to be true. But how much money are you going to make?

Maybe you’ve never put your vehicles up for rent before. Or perhaps you have, and it didn’t turn out so great — not as profitable as you’d initially anticipated. That’s alright; we’ll let you discover how lucrative this opportunity is. Use our income calculator to make an informed decision!

The process is easy: select the appropriate vehicle from the drop-down menu, input the number of days you’d consider renting your equipment, and finish up by selecting a rate per day. Use our rate suggestions, or create your own!

Hit ‘calculate,’ and we’ll tell you how much you’ll earn on the spot.

Why Choose Daytrail?

Apart from the additional source of income, what else makes DayTrail so great? The fact that it’s so easy to use — says Logan, who rents out his Yamaha Wolverine on DayTrail.

DayTrail makes it simple to list garage equipment. We handle the insurance and paperwork. Services include an ID verification and before and after pictures to ensure there is no damage to your vehicle. In addition, DayTrail will answer any questions you or your renters have.

You have just one task: to be ready when your renter comes to pick up and drop off the equipment.

What about the fact that it pays for itself? 

Of course, with owning any sort of vehicle, you need to invest in the maintenance and maybe even upgrades. Lucky for you, not only does DayTrail provide you revenue, but the insurance ensures that your investments are being covered.

Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity

Now that you’ve seen the potential of how much you can make, why not get started or read through a few more reviews to answer all your questions?

DayTrail will provide you a steady, substantial income that you can spend on whatever you’ve been saving up for, be it a vacation or owning more garage equipment!

Still, have a lot more questions? Don’t worry. Head to the website, reach out and we will answer all your questions.

Join Logan and our other excellent renters! Start earning today!

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