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February 22, 2022

Top 10 Best Off-Roading Trails in Idaho

From the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains down to the deep gorges of Hells Canyon, Idaho is home to some of the best outdoor scenes the United States has to offer. For any adventure-seeker looking for new places to visit, you’ll have your pick from hundreds of choice outdoor trails in Idaho. That’s why we decided to highlight some of the best ATV and UTV off-road trails that are well worth your trip. Pack your bags, rev your engines, and let’s hit the trails!

Top places to off road and see what Idaho has to offer

  1. Louie Lake Trail

Starting off this list we have the Louie Lake trail found within Payette National Forest near McCall, Idaho. Rated to be moderately difficult, the 8.2 kilometer stretch is often populated by both hikers and off-road vehicles and features a beautiful view of the lake. This is a great choice for families and groups that are lodging in the nearby town of McCall since it isn’t too far away, or too long of a trail, so you can take your time enjoying the beautiful scenic views and be back to your cabin before dinner!


  1. Sands Basin Loop Trail

Looping for a distance of 56-miles, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the scenery and changing landscape that is offered in Marsing, Idaho. This trail is rated as difficult so be sure that you are with an experienced off-roader and that you come prepared. On this trail, you will come across waterfalls, views of canyons, flat open spaces, creeks, and perhaps even some wildlife. The area is a common area for hikers and horseback riders, so be cautious and respectful to others that are enjoying the trail as you head out on your excursion. 


  1. Packsaddle Lake Trail

An out-and-back trail located within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest that stretches for about 5 miles, Packsaddle Lake trail is a great choice if you enjoy forests and the company of trees. If you’re lucky, you can time your visit when the trees change colors for a beautiful dive into the heart of autumn that ends with a view of the lake. The trail is rated as moderately difficult with some areas being a bit steep. This is a great choice if, again, you are looking to enjoy a short day excursion.

Top places to off-road in Idaho

  1. Danskin Peak Lookout Tower

If a 360-degree summit that offers a view of Trinity Range, Boise Range, Snake River Plain, Smith Prairie, and a whole lot more is appealing to you then you need to head to the Danskin Peak Lookout Tower. Near Mountain Home, Idaho, the 16-mile trail not only offers you great scenery along the way that includes forest roads and rivers, but you are sure to encounter wildlife as well! If the weather is permitting, you can drive all the way up to the peak, or choose to park and hike the rest of the way to the top. A perfect outting for any outdoor enthusiast!


  1. Rabbit Creek OHV Trail

One of the longer trails on this list, the Rabbit Creek near Murphy, Idaho is a 54-mile stretch of open space that is sure to excite any offroader. Rabbit Creek includes single-track, wide, and two-track trails that all vary in level of difficulty meaning you can choose what ever you are feeling up for. These trailheads also provide loading ramps, staging areas and restrooms. One thing to keep in mind is the trail is particularly popular.


  1. Hemingway Butte OHV Trail

Up next is the neighbor of Rabbit Creek. Due to the expansiveness of these trails, we thought that separating Hemingway from Rabbit Creek was deserved. Hemingway Butte is part of the Owyhee Front and is a popular destination for any type of offroader, from the beginner to the advanced. Hemingway Butte OHV offers about another 50 miles of trails to explore that includes sand washes, with some steep, rocky terrains for any ATV or Dirt Bike aficionado! 

Top places to off-road in Idaho

  1. Baumgartner Trail

Part of the Sawtooth National Forest, the Baumgartner Trails is our top choice from the list. The Baumgartner Trails are gorgeous with every trail offering a new scenic view. Looping around pine trees, up hills, across rocky sections, and inching down steep drop-offs, and switchbacks, these trails have it all. You can find all types of terrain that cater to both experienced experts and newbies alike, so don’t be afraid to give these trails a try. Note that the trails are mostly single-track trails.


  1. Rocky Bar Mine and Trinity Mountain Lookout OHV Trail

The Trinity Mountain Lookout is the highest of the Boise Mountains and it includes a lookout tower with a view that is well worth the trip. The trail reaches about 70-miles with lakes surrounding the area, making it an ideal location for camping and backpacking. However, the rocky nature of the trails towards the top designate this one as being more difficult. Prepare for some challenges and a breathtaking view!


  1. St. Anthony Sand Dunes 

If you are looking for sand dunes, this destination is for you. These dunes are an offroader’s dream simply because you are free to explore and have fun in a 10,600-acre natural sand box. The area hosts quite a few campsites with amenities so it’s ideal for a weekend trip if you want to camp and spend the weeking riding UTVs. Sunrise or sunset, spend your day traversing over the quartz sand with no worries in the world. 


  1. Idaho Centennial Trail

Last but not least, we have the Idaho Centennial Trail. Designated as the official trail of the state in 1990, the trail snakes its way through the state for 1,311-miles, starting with an elevation of 6000-ft, and ranging anywhere between 3000-ft and 9000-ft. The trail will take you through the Sawtooth, the Frank Church-River of No Return, and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness where you can experience every type of terrain that makes Idaho what it is. 

Idaho is a great destination for any outdoor enthusiast because it is home to many offroad destinations with so much to offer, to all skill levels. For all of us that are here to enjoy this place, be sure you have the right resources to do so. If you’re looking to dust off your off roading equipment and share with others, use DayTrail to help connect you with qualified renters in the area knowing that the DayTrail platform has you covered. And as a renter, utilize DayTrail as the best and most affordable option for renting safely. Paving the path for recreational vehicle owners and renters…a win-win every time.

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