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January 9, 2023

Top Tips for Riding Your ATV or UTV in the Winter

For big fans of off-road adventure, winter is a mere speed bump and not a block to outdoor fun with ATVs or UTVs. Some areas only drop a few degrees, but others can introduce harsh weather or frigid blasts into the mix. Is it possible to head out on the trails in these conditions and still keep your machine and yourself safe? Whether you own or choose ATV rentals in Utah, Idaho, or nearby locations, these tips will keep you riding all year round.

Top tips for riding your ATV or UTV in the winter.

Get Your Ride Ready for Winter

Most vehicles are set up to function optimally in regular temperatures, but that does not mean they cannot carry you down the trail when things turn cold. Do all essential maintenance tasks for the season. Ensure the fuel lines and gas tank have no accumulated moisture. Add a fuel stabilizer and always ride with a full tank. Charge your battery completely and change your oil. These practices matter all the time, but winter weather puts extra stress. The best UTV rentals in Utah will take care of all this and more for you. Depending on where you want to explore, snow tires or tire chains may be a wise investment.

Things to know to get your ride ready for winter.

Prepare for Cold Temperatures

Zooming along a trail on your ATV increases wind chill factor and can make you feel colder than the ambient air temperature. Take steps to mitigate this issue and stay more comfortable and safer all day long. Consider installing a windshield or full enclosure on an off-road utility vehicle. Add a cab heater to fight the chill.

Even with a heater or enclosure, things can turn cold and damp quickly in the winter. Protect yourself with appropriate gear like a full snowsuit, waterproof insulated boots, gloves, neck gaiter, and more. A full-face helmet is the best protection against harsh airflow. Wear layers that keep you dry. If anything happens to your ATV or UTV, you will appreciate the best outdoor clothing possible.

Preparations for ATV riding in winter.

Pack for any Winter Emergencies

Warm weather excursions carry some risk no matter where you off-road and what type of UTV or ATV rentals in Idaho or Utah you choose. However, in the spring, summer, and autumn, you will stay relatively comfortable while waiting for help, and there are many more people around who can lend a hand if something goes wrong. This makes it more important to pack for any possible problems. Bring extra food and water, a well-equipped first aid kit, hand or boot warmers, and an emergency blanket. Remember a set of tools, too, as long as you know how to use them. Even if you rent an off-road vehicle, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with basic repairs.

ATV riding preparations for winter emergencies.

Do Not Ride Alone – Tell People Where You Go

No safety tip is more important during the winter or any time of the year than always riding with a buddy. Not only is it more fun to share your off-road adventure with friends, family members, or club members, they are your lifeline if anything goes wrong. Also, tell people back at home where you are going, how long you will be there, and when they can expect you home again.

Safety tips for ATV riding.

Winter riding offers new adventures and opportunities for exploration. If you want the best off-road options, look no further than DayTrail. Explore Utah or Idaho in the off season or head out to Arizona for all-weather excitement on the trail. Renting on DayTrail is simple. Pick your destination, choose your preferred vehicle type, and click “Book.”


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